Rasse: Russisch Blau
Farbe: Grau
Geboren: 20.03.2007
Im neuen Zuhause seit 26.05.2020

Masyanya is also shy but she gets attached to a person quickly and follows him/her „like a dog“. Masyanya can not be without her owner, she likes to be cuddled and comes to a person all the time. She is going outdoor for a toilet only, she doesn’t go far away – she is simply too scared. She likes to stay indoors (she also knows how to use toilet indoors). She needs a lot of love and attention, she is very sensitive and sentimental personality (she doesn’t like to be alone). Ideal owner would be someone who is at home most of the time. Masyanya likes to talk and makes cute noises when you are talking to her. Masyanya likes dry food and a little bit of soft time to time.

Geschichte der Gruppe Masyanya & Loulou

I am looking for a new home for my two cats since I have developed an allergy and also might travel soon out of Switzerland. Both cats have been with me all their life and are not used to children. Ideal home for them would be a retired couple (without small kids) who will give them all their love and proper attention and care if needed in the future. I would prefer if both cats are adopted by one owner since they live together all their life.

Information: because the owner speaks english, we left the description in english.

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